Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know for my first class?

Before your first class, try to read over the chords/tabs, watch the instructional videos we share in the Facebook Group, and listen to the song a few times. Take a stab at learning as much as you can before class, but keep in mind there are no expectations to know how to play the song in its entirety on day 1. When you arrive on your first day of class, we'll listen to the first song a few times, play our instruments alongside the song, go over the structure (intro, verse, chorus, counting measures, etc.), and then "rip the band-aid" or see if we can play the song together without any crutches -- this helps us see the parts we need to go home and work on. Pro Tip: We don’t expect you to know how to play the entire song on day 1. However, the sooner you learn the songs all the way through and get “off book,” the more time you’ll have to fine-tune with your band before the showcase.

Do I need to bring any gear/equipment to class?

Singers: Bring lyrics if you need them! We have microphones and a PA at the space. Guitar/Bass Players: Bring your instrument, cable(s), tuner, and a pick. You can also bring your pedal(s) if you choose to play with one. We have amps at the space. Drummers: Bring your sticks! We have a drum set at the space.

What experience level do I need to be to play with Femme Rock?

To begin playing with a band class, the experience level is intermediate. Beginners are totally welcome to join a band, but are encouraged to take 1:1 lessons during the session. If you think you need additional 1:1 support, let Reece know and she’ll recommend a private instructor or a Femme Rock buddy you can team up with.

What if I'm not experienced enough?

Everyone needs to start somewhere! If you're not feeling 100% confident yet, you can start with taking private lessons. If you're interested in taking 1:1 lessons, let Reece know and she’ll hook you up with a badass instructor!

What are some solutions for upping my experience level?

Here are a few things you could try: 1. Practice with instructional videos online, on your own time. 2. Take 1:1 lessons with a private instructor. 3. Practice songs you're learning at least 2-3 times a week. 4. Sign up for a Femme Rock class that seems "above your experience level." We're confident you'll rise to the occasion and kick ass! 5. Get together with your fellow bandmates and go over the songs together.

How do we know which songs to learn?

At the beginning of the session we’ll add you to a Facebook group where you can communicate with your bandmates. Here, you can post suggestions for songs you like and explore some options with your bandmates. When it comes time to decide on the three songs, Reece will post a poll in the Facebook group and everyone will vote on their favorites. After the top 3 songs have been selected, Reece will post tabs and instructional videos for how to play each part.

How should I use the tabs, videos, and song breakdown?

To get the most out of your tabs, videos etc. we’d recommend printing out the song breakdown sheet (will be posted in your band’s Facebook group) and then compare/contrast the breakdown to the tabs and chords. Another tip: While watching the instructional videos, immediately try to play section by section. If it’s helpful, you can also slow down the YouTube videos so you can understand each part ( here's a video on how to do that). Then, when you feel really confident, try playing through the whole song!

Where is Femme Rock located?

We meet at the Femme Rock Community Space - 900 Old Koenig Ln #138 Austin, TX 78752

How do we communicate?

You’ll be invited to a Facebook Messenger chat for your specific band class and we’ll communicate about songs and class updates there. If something urgent comes up, or if you need to get in touch with Reece quickly, please call or text her at (210) 836-6622.

Can I book the room for extra rehearsals or practice time?

Absolutely! Midway through session we will start discussing possible dates and times for your band to get together for extra rehearsals before the showcase. You can also book the room for yourself if you’d like to use the amps or drum set -- just know that booking the room costs $50 per hour (which can be split between all of your band members).

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, no problem at all. The band will usually still meet at the scheduled time, or we will reschedule if the circumstances call for it. There will also be options for scheduling extra rehearsals as well -- this costs $50/hour for the room, or $115/hour for the room + instructor (split across all band members).

What if someone is being mean to me in class?

Femme Rock is a safe and supportive space for women to grow and learn, and we take bullying VERY seriously. If someone is being rude, inappropriate, or making you feel uncomfortable, please talk to Reece directly after class or send her a message through email, text, or Facebook Messenger. She will address the problem directly while keeping you anonymous. IMPORTANT NEXT STEP: Once you’ve contacted Reece, give yourself a pat on the back for being an amazing, beautiful feminist who won’t tolerate any “Mean Girls” bullshit. We [women] have been through enough bullying and inequality throughout history, so let's try to keep it supportive, shall we?

What kind of pedals do I need?

Pedals are certainly not required, and the spectrum for pedals and tones can be very wide. Pedals tend to be genre-specific. For example, genres like rock, grunge, classic rock, metal, or punk will use various distortion, wah wah, or fuzz pedals. Genres like surf, folk, psychedelic, ska, experimental, or country might use harmonix, reverb, or flanger pedals. If you've reached an intermediate to advanced level of playing and you're interested in learning more about pedals and tones, we'd recommend trying out Rock N Roll Rentals’ Pedal of the Month Club. That way you can try out different pedals during rehearsals in the Music Lab to get the exact tone you're looking for when the showcase rolls around.

How do I pay for classes?

Payment is accepted via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. If you need an installment plan, please pay via the PayPal option at checkout and select "Pay in 4" which will break your payment into 4 installments (interest-free).

How much do Femme Rock classes cost?

Band classes are $250 per person. Includes: 8 weeks of 1.5 hour classes (taught by an instructor) A live showcase at a venue All backline equipment provided at rehearsals and the showcase BYOB bands are $200 per person. Includes: 8 weeks of 1.5 hour rehearsals (no instructor) Optional live showcase at a venue All backline equipment provided at rehearsals and the showcase

When are classes, and how long are they?

Band classes are typically Monday-Friday evenings, sometime between 7-10 PM. Each class is an hour and a half long, and there are 8 classes in a session. Your specific day and time will depend on which class you sign up for.

What if I don’t have a guitar / drum set / amp / etc.?

No sweat! We will provide you with amps, cables, microphones and a drumset for band rehearsals. You'll just need to bring your guitar/bass, any cables, pedals, or tuners you'd prefer to use, and your drumsticks to class with you. If you need a guitar/bass or a drumset to practice at your house, can rent equipment from Rock N Roll Rentals for about the same monthly fee as a TV subscription service. Or, you could borrow equipment from someone in the community. If you want to sign up for a Femme Rock class but need equipment, let Reece know or post in the community's Facebook group and we’ll get you hooked up with whatever you need. You also have the option to rent out room 82 at the Music Lab for $25 per hour if you’d prefer to practice with Femme Rock’s drum set and amps.

What is Femme Rock?

Femme Rock is a music school in Austin, Texas, where women (cisgender, transgender, and nonbinary) ages 21+ can learn how to play instruments on stage in a girl band. Band classes meet for an hour and a half once a week, for six weeks. We’ll go over the structure of the songs, provide you with resources to learn each part, then teach you how to put it all together with your fellow band mates. At the end of six weeks, you'll know how to play three songs with your band and perform them live on stage. Our goal is to help women explore their creativity and natural talents, gain confidence, and become a family... while also learning how to play an instrument. We aim to be highly inclusive, supportive, and empowering; we're sort of like a support group for female musicians.

How does class signup work? Who gets spots first?

To sign up for a class, first check the “ classes” tab of the website to see if the band and instrument you want is open. If your spot is open, fill out the form with your name, contact info, and which instrument you’re signing up for. Payment for the class is due at the time of signup. Signup is a first come, first served situation. You’ll need to sign up through the website and send payment to confirm that your spot is secured. Once you’ve paid for your spot, we’ll block the spot out on the website so nobody else can take it.

When and where is the showcase? When does my band go on?

The showcase date varies, but they’re usually on a Saturday about two months apart. You can see the showcase date for your upcoming session on the band class signup sheet. Showcase locations and times can vary, but they’re typically between 3PM and 9PM on a Saturday. Past showcases have been at Stubb’s, Speakeasy, Dirty Dog, and Hole In The Wall. We’ll post the band lineup on the Facebook event page about a week before the showcase so you can see exactly what time your band goes on.

What do I need to know for the day of the showcase? What equipment do I need to bring?

The day of the showcase, please show up an hour before your band goes on (the lineup will be posted in the description of the Facebook event about a week leading up to the showcase). Bring your guitar/bass, cable(s), tuner, any specific pedals you want to use, and drumsticks -- everything else is covered! And make sure you look in the mirror and tell yourself,“You GOT this!” Get stoked and have some fun! You’ve worked hard and deserve to let loose and enjoy yourself.

What kind of guitar do I need?

The type of guitar depends on the genre or song that we are playing. Please reach out to Reece directly to specify.

How can I practice before classes even start or before I know what songs we’re doing?

You can look up instructional workouts on YouTube. For guitar or bass, look up some scale exercises you can practice to improve your finger coordination. For drums, try some of the pad practices on Drumeo.

I’m freaking out. I can’t do this. Can I quit?

We encourage everyone to play the season. But if you have a family emergency or major life conflict, please let Reece know immediately. You will be responsible for finding someone to "sub-in" and cover your spot for you. If you cancel your Femme Rock enrollment (includes band classes, Bring Your Own Band, and long-term bookings of private lessons and room rentals) two weeks before the start of your first rehearsal, we will issue you a class credit to use on a different Femme Rock class or workshop of the same value. If you cancel on or after that date, there is no refund.