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Bring Your Own Band


Do you have your own band (or have you always wanted to create one)? Do you need a practice space with all the equipment built-in? Want all your shows booked for you? We've got you covered! 


Introducing... BYOB (Bring Your Own Band) for $210 per person for eight weeks.

Here's what you get:

  • A consistent weekly time for your band to meet and jam (1h30m every week for eight weeks)

  • A rehearsal space with built-in equipment 

  • A spot to perform in the Femme Rock showcase, where we will provide all backline equipment

Fill out this form to register your band for BYOB:

​Your band must have a band leader. (Please let Reece know who this will be ASAP) 


The responsibilities of the band leader are:

  • Get the band together. 

  • Figure out what day and time your band is wanting to schedule their rehearsal. (Make sure to message Reece to check if the spot is available.)

  • Send Reece contact information for every band member.

  • Have every band member (Including yourself) send their payment to confirm their spot for the band. (Deadline for payment is 2 weeks before the session starts.)

  • Once the band begins their session, a strict scheduling policy will come into place. Your job as a band leader is to not manage rescheduling problems. Instead, you would report them to Reece. 

Rescheduling / No Show Policy:

  • If you cannot show up to your rehearsal, you will have to give your bandmates a 7 day notice. 

  • If you are sick, please let us know 3 hours before your rehearsal.

  • Bands are allowed 1 free reschedule, any others past that will be charged $50 an hour (split between bandmates).

  • If you do not show up for your first 3 rehearsals, you will be replaced with a “fill in” with no refund or class credit.

**These policies aren’t meant to scare anybody but instead, to help establish respect and accountability within your band.

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