Bring Your Own Band


Do you have your own band (or have you always wanted to create one)? Do you need a practice space with all the equipment built-in? Want all your shows booked for you? We've got you covered! 


Introducing... BYOB (Bring Your Own Band) for $200 per person for eight weeks.

Here's what you get:

  • A consistent weekly time for your band to meet and jam (1h30m every week for eight weeks)

  • A rehearsal space with built-in equipment 

  • A spot to perform in the Femme Rock showcase, where we will provide all backline equipment

Fill out this form to register your band for BYOB:

  • Select one band member to fill out the form (this reserves your band's rehearsal dates).

  • Each band member must send $200 to Reece Herrera (via Venmo, PayPal, or cash) to fully confirm the band's spot (2 members minimum).​



Do we need to find our own band members?

Ideally, you'll come to Reece with a full band already picked out (a group of womxn you really love to play with). If you need help finding a few members, write a post about what you're looking for in the Femme Rock Community Facebook Group. You can even audition people if you're looking for something specific!

How many band members do we need?

You can have as many band members as you'd like, but the minimum number is 2.

Do all band members have to be women (cis, trans) or nonbinary?

The mission of Femme Rock is to empower women through music, so ideally your band members would consist of all women (cis, trans) or nonbinary members. However, we won't discriminate if you'd like to include a male-identifying band member in your BYOB. All we ask is that the space remains safe and comfortable for womxn to flourish and gain confidence through music.

Is there an instructor?

The Bring Your Own Band option does not include an instructor. However, you can add Reece as an instructor or consultant for $65/hr whenever you'd like (a fee you'd split with all your band members).

Do we play cover songs or original songs?

The beauty of BYOB is that you can play whatever you want! If you have an idea for some original songs that you think your band would want to try out... by all means, let us hear your magic! Just keep in mind, you'll need 3 songs if you want to perform at the showcase.

Will my BYOB play at the Femme Rock showcase?

Hell yes!! Your band will be booked at the Femme Rock showcase when you sign up for the BYOB slot (just like a band class).

Where do we rehearse?

At the Femme Rock rehearsal space: 900 Old Koenig Ln #138 Austin, TX 78752

Can you book us some extra gigs?

Look at you crushing it!! If you want some extra shows (outside of the Femme Rock showcase), contact Reece Herrera at or (210) 836-6622 so she can learn more about your band's needs. We'll get you hooked up. :)

What if my band needs some extra time to rehearse?

If you need extra rehearsals outside of the eight included, it's $50 per hour to book the room (a fee you'd split with all your band members).

I have more questions. Can I talk to a human?

Of course! If you'd like to chat more about Bring Your Own Band or other Femme Rock classes and offerings, feel free to text, call, or email Reece Herrera at (210) 836-6622 or